Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy


Unleash the power of your Stem Cells

What are Stem Cells?

Your stem cells are a pool of healing for all the damaged cells in your body.  They are your ‘mother’ cells – blank cells that become what they need to become in order to heal a certain part of you.
They’re often called ‘the drugstore of the body’ because of their ability to migrate to the site of injury, where they secrete proteins that help to heal whatever problem they find.
They also trigger the existing cells in the area to behave in the same way, and can even restore and regenerate injured organs or cells.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

Stem Cell Therapy harnesses the immense healing power of these stem cells.
We extract them from your own fat cells (or, failing that, bone marrow) and re-inject them into whichever area you wish to restore, relieve or rejuvenate.
They do the rest: seeking out the damaged tissue, secreting growth factors and proteins that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, and anti-aging, while triggering surrounding cells into doing the same thing.

What can Stem Cell Therapy treat?

Stem Cell Therapy treats a whole range of afflictions, from musculoskeletal injuries to auto-immune diseases. It can stop the progression of disease, alleviate symptoms and allow a better quality for life. In some cases, it can completely cure the disease or replace the damaged tissues and organs.

Stem cells are also useful for naturally reversing the signs of aging, firming the skin with new collagen and elastin tissue when applied directly to lines, wrinkles, breasts, buttocks and so on. Used in conjunction with biologic activators they can even regenerate hair.

Unlike many medical treatments, Stem Cell Therapy is a safe and natural form of treatment, using your own body’s ‘drugstore’ and nothing else. It avoids surgeries, drugs and treatments that can have unpleasant side effects, reducing the stress on your body and increasing the chances of recovery.

What results can I expect?

Stem Cell Therapy has been proven, repeatedly, to be highly effective in treating cosmetic and musculoskeletal complaints. FDA-approved methods have long been shown to provide rapid and long-lasting forms of rejuvenation, skin treatments, and regenerative medicine – recreating cartilage and curing arthritis, for instance. We administer all of these well-documented applications with the utmost professionalism.

Our pioneering team of scientists and doctors are also constantly exploring new methods. Clients are welcome to partner with our medical teams to treat conditions, such as azospermia, which Stem Cell Therapy is getting better at treating. Our ethical approach to medicine means we are up front about the likelihood of success in such treatments; our clients sign a consent form agreeing to take part in such research programs with realistic expectations of success.

What is the procedure?

The extraction of stem cells is relatively painless and takes between 60 and 90 minutes.
Using a local anesthetic and a syringe, we draw the stem cells from adipose tissue (fat cells) around your body or, in some cases, from your bone marrow.
You can then head back home or to work while we carefully isolate your stem cells. No invasive surgery, general anesthetic, or lengthy recovery.
Later – sometimes later the same day, sometimes weeks later, depending on the treatment – we re-inject them into your body to work their magic.

What’s special about Innovi Stem Cell Therapy?

Our meticulous extraction methods are unique in Lebanon, and uniquely effective:

– We have the expertise to count the stem cells we extract and assess their quality before using them to treat you
– Our huge range of complementary treatments maximise the treatment’s effectiveness and minimise recovery time
– These treatments are researched, designed and administered by highly respected doctors and scientists
– These experts choose to work at Innovi because of our cutting edge cell therapy facilities and methods
– Our ethics are beyond reproach and our patients’ confidentiality is guarded with the utmost professionalism.

How often should this procedure be done?

It depends; every case is different.  The effects of Stem Cell Therapy are known to last a long time, but they cannot prevent or reverse aging – your body will continue to wear and tear! Fortunately, the treatment is non-invasive and recovery times are very quick, so you can come in as often as you like.

What to ask your doctor

If you’re having stem cell therapy outside Innovi, you must ensure you’re getting the best treatment possible. Here is a list of important questions that you should ask your doctor.

Will my stem cells be isolated in a special ‘white room’ with positive pressure, to ensure no microbes infect the stem cells?

Exactly how many viable cells do you have to inject?

Are you using a machine to count my stem cells, and if so, how can you tell exactly how many stem cells you have extracted? (Machines only count a cocktail of cells, including other non-stem cells. It’s important that your doctors count precisely the number of stem cells.)

As well as doctors, do you have specialist stem cell scientists to identify stem cells from other cells, and identify viable cells from dead ones?

Can you take a picture of my stem cells and give me a report on their quality?

Are you able to store my stem cells so that I don’t have go through the process of extracting my fat cells again?

If you’re extracting from bone marrow, will you be able to give me detailed information on their number and viability? And will you be able to store them so I don’t have to undergo this procedure again?

Make sure you are satisfied with your doctor’s answers.

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