Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Banking


Store the most powerful healing cells in your body for when you need them


What is Stem Cell Banking?

You never know when disease or injury will strike.

Stem Cell Banking is a way of extracting and storing your stem cells – the most powerful healing cells in your body – for use in the future, when you might need them most.
We collect your healthy stem cells and store them until the day you summon them to repair damaged organs, rebuild tissue and fight disease, without the clinical and financial setbacks of using donor cells.

Why should I bank my stem cells?

Regenerative medicine is advancing rapidly. Stem cells are becoming increasingly important in the treatment of serious conditions like arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and a growing number of cancers. Banking your healthy stem cells today is a decision to protect your future.
Asking Innovi to collect and preserve your stem cells means entrusting this future health to the most reliable and advanced experts in the country.

Why now?

Your stem cells will never be stronger or more numerous than they are right now. By banking them today, you’re saving your best stem cells for when you really need them.

When the time comes you might not be able to produce stem cells of the same quality. Or your body might simply not produce enough to fight the disease or injury effectively. In such cases, your banked stem cells could make all the difference.

What are the practical steps to storing my Stem Cells at Innovi?

We use a syringe and a local anesthetic to extract stem cells from your adipose cells (fat cells), the easiest and most abundant source of stem cells, although in some cases we take it from your bone marrow. Step into our clinic and in just 90 minutes we’ll have extracted your cells safely, and with minimal discomfort.

How do I know my stem cells are safe?

We freeze your cells in stable liquid nitrogen tanks. We have all the infrastructure necessary to keep them safe: high security, impeccable storage facilities and, of course, total confidentiality.
We also give you a certificate establishing the quantity, quality and nature of your stem cells, so you know exactly what you have in the bank.

Who can use my stem cells besides myself?

No one. Your stem cells are yours to use and yours alone.
This is for ethical reasons, as well as medical ones. By only using your own stem cells, we guarantee you a perfect match, speed up the healing process and protect you against any possible immune rejection.

How much does it cost to extract and store my stem cells?

You can pay a lump sum of $5,000 up front for the entire procedure, including unlimited storage for 20 years. This can be extended on request.
Alternatively, you can pay $2,000 up front and $25/month storage fees until the day you need them.
Both fees include the cost of analyzing the stem cells, transporting them on ice to the transplant centre, and submitting all the analytical information to the relevant parties – should you wish to carry out the therapy elsewhere.

When the time comes to use them, what is the procedure?

Our doctors are at hand to advise you, treat you, and follow up your treatment right here at Innovi. Should you wish to use your own doctor when the time comes, Innovi will consult with that doctor and provide them with exactly the number of cells you need. We put them at your disposal using whatever steps necessary – if they need to be shipped on dry ice to anywhere in the world, then that’s what we’ll do. It all depends on the circumstances – but what’s important is that we work around your needs.

What to ask your doctor

If you’re having stem cell therapy outside Innovi, you must ensure you’re getting the best treatment possible. Here is a list of important questions that you should ask your doctor.
Will my stem cells be isolated in a special ‘white room’ with positive pressure, to ensure no microbes infect the stem cells?

Exactly how many viable cells do you have to inject?

Are you using a machine to count my stem cells, and if so, how can you tell exactly how many stem cells you have extracted? (Machines only count a cocktail of cells, including other non-stem cells. It’s important that your doctors count precisely the number of stem cells.)

As well as doctors, do you have specialist stem cell scientists to identify stem cells from other cells, and identify viable cells from dead ones?

Can you take a picture of my stem cells and give me a report on their quality?

Are you able to store my stem cells so that I don’t have go through the process of extracting my fat cells again?

If you’re extracting from bone marrow, will you be able to give me detailed information on their number and viability? And will you be able to store them so I don’t have to undergo this procedure again?



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