Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy


Enhance your own healing abilities with Ozone

About Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy boosts your body’s ability to heal and protect itself against a range of maladies, from skin disorders to immune deficiencies, and chronic pain to premature ageing.

Used in Europe for over 50 years, Ozone Therapy encourages the body to repair itself with the aid of medical-grade pure oxygen. Because of its unique ability to heal and detoxify at the same time, it is used to treat a huge range of diseases. It also enhances blood circulation, which facilitates healing and reduces inflammation in a range of conditions.

How does Ozone therapy help?

The more oxygen we have in the blood, the more bio-energy and vitality runs through us, making us stronger and more capable of healing. Ozone has three atoms of oxygen where ordinary oxygen only has two, so ozone therapy delivers extra doses of life-enhancing super oxygen to every cell in the body.

As a natural oxidizer, ozone also breaks down bacteria, viruses and other impurities to allow your body to make the most of its own remarkable self-reparative and self-renewing abilities.

As well as possessing anti-oxidant qualities, Ozone is a mitochondrial stimulant. Reduced mitochondrial energy is a fundamental source of all degenerative diseases – so this property helps your body fight back.

How long does Ozone therapy take?

Type of therapy Meaning Duration
Autohemotherapy ‘Self-blood therapy’ – extracting your blood, infusing it with ozone, and reinjecting it. 40 mins
Intramuscular Injecting ozone directly into the relevant muscle. 20 mins
Paravertebral Injecting ozone into the spinal column 30 mins
Intraarticular injection Injecting ozone directly into afflicted joints 20 mins
Sauna application Using steam to introduce ozone through the skin 30 mins


How often should this procedure be done?

It depends entirely on the problem. Ozone treatment is useful for such a wide range of ailments, and complements so many other forms of treatment, that each case is different.

What results can I expect?

Ozone has proved highly effective in treating such a wide range of treatments, particularly when used in conjunction with other therapies. Depending on the ailment you will see and feel real, tangible benefits – from improvements in your condition to complete cures.


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